Six Styles of Leadership


To understand how we are interacting with people.
To understand how we are received.
To understand ourselves.
To understand our client.

Six styles are grouped into 2 categories – Authoritative and Facilitative

These 2 categories are further divided into six subcategories


You explicitly direct the person you are helping by giving advice and direction

You provide information to instruct and guide the other person

You challenge the other person’s behaviour or attitude. Not to be confused with aggressive confrontation, “confronting” is positive and constructive. It helps the other person consider behaviour and attitudes of which they would otherwise be unaware.


You help the other person to express and overcome thoughts or emotions that they have not previously confronted.

You help the other person reflect, discover and learn for him or herself. This helps him or her become more self-directed in making decisions, solving problems and so on.

You build up the confidence of the other person by focusing on their competences, qualities and achievements.


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