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The PgM Workshop was a very positive experience for me. Based on the initial demo session, my expectations were fully met, in terms of this being a very practical and real-life scenarios focused two days workshop. The vast topics covered address the fundamental skills needed by PgM. This is as real as it can get with participants sharing their typical workday situations and others pitching in with valuable insights. Trainer's expertise and vast experience was very much reassuring. He managed to convey a lot with ease, without being complicated or flamboyant, which is usually seen in other such workshops. This is definitely a prescribed workshop, if not "must attend" workshop, for all who are looking to get a quick dive in Program Management aspiring for the next role. This is also a very necessary workshop for professionals already in the program manager role to enhance existing skills with shared insights. Overall, for me personally, there are lot of valuable takeaways that will hold me in good stead in the current role as well as other opportunities I seek. I congratulate the CareerSwami team for such fruitful workshop and wish them the growth they so much deserve. Thank you again for the wonderful two days, a weekend well spent in a long time 🙂

Ram Valmiki


Program Manager


It was a wonderful session. The entire program curriculum was well thought out to ensure that all areas of program management right from Leadership qualities, Negotiation, conflict management, Risk Management, Agile Methodology, and more are covered. What made this session stand out was that multiple real-time scenarios were covered and role-played with immediate feedback ensuring every person has a takeaway. How the program management role and expectations differ in service and product industry was also covered ensuring that all participants are benefited. Overall it was a great learning experience.

Leena Bejoy


Project Manager


It is really great to be a part of the Career Swami's program management workshop. It helps me to pinpoint my weak areas/skills in management. It helps me to enhance my management skill to some extent. The Career Swami team is excellent. I felt very comfortable. While I'm practicing. With the help of Mock Test I came to know my level of management, which is really worth full in management skill, overall, experience with faculty and the team really incredible. I enjoyed my workshop and practice section very much. I really thankful to Career Swami.

Vinay Srivastava


Technology Lead


The session was really informative, precise. It was good to learn the way Program Management applied in different organizations. All topics covered was relevant with real life scenarios explained well. It was more of practical application rather than traditional approaches.
Trainer was able to answer all the queries and the workshop was very interactive. So overall, the learning was great. I would definitely recommend this to other colleagues of mine.

Vani Venkataramu


Technical Program Manager


This was a good session. I would say it was more of a workshop with interaction with experienced Program Manager/'s. I admire the trainer's energy throughout the session and how well the sessions were planned.
I was once told, "You do not really know the topic unless you can explain it to a 10 year old." I believe I can confidently say that Trainer has great grasp on the concepts and good training skills. The interim quizzes keep you on your toes all the time and sharing personal experiences, receiving feedback on the spot helped me reflect on the methodology.
To top it all off, having tips on the interview questions and preparation was a great add on.
Overall, I would say that this was a weekend well spent.

Divya Parchuri


Project Manager


Very worthwhile program from many views, two days extensive training along with live examples of day to day activities of a program manager was most useful. Excellent instructors! Learning team dynamics and leadership skills was a great Experience. Thank you Career Swami.

Vishal Barde


Agile Lead/Coach


Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Role-playing and exercises were excellent, I found the information useful and
I highly recommend the program management master class to crack any leadership interview in any organization.


The session by Mr. Sandeep was really an eye-opener for me as I am new to Program management and before the session I had a lot of confusion about the role. After attending the session, I got clarity about Program management, demand for the role, how to perform as a Good Program manager, role distinction in Traditional services industry and Product based companies, and many more things which I didn't anticipate before attending the session. Really appreciate the effort of Mr. Sandeep in time-boxing the sessions and explaining the concepts in a detailed manner. His perseverance and great communication skill really made the session to be more engaging and never during the session felt to be disinterested and all the credit goes to Sandeep's great oratorical speeches. I strongly recommend this 2-day session for Scrum masters, Project managers, and aspiring Program managers to gain out of his session to excel in their career.



Agile Consultant


The session was very helpful in understanding key concepts in Program Management. Real-life scenarios, sharing of experiences and active role play were instrumental in the demonstration of actual program management situations, and the skills required to handle those situations. Periodic evaluations made sure that participants understand the key concepts. The mock questions practice underlined the thought process behind evaluation criteria for such roles and positions. Overall it was a very healthy and useful session for aspiring Program Managers.


When we say workshop, it was really a two days workshop which was highly interactive and focus was more on practicality we face in day to day management. All topics covered matched with the real time scenarios.These are the topics which were required you to excel in your job or interview. Overall it was a great experience. I would highly recommend it.


First of all, thanks a lot for allowing me to attend the second time which was badly needed.
Those sessions are really helpful for me and I started working on the suggestion (polishing communication skills) given by Sandeep.

Altaf malek


IT Manager (PMP)


This was very helpful workshop in brushing up your project management concept at the same time you will be getting experience knowledge of program manager community. All the support material will be provided end of the day . Overall good time spent on this session.

Overall the Program was great. The trainer was knowledgeable and explained the topics very well in a practical way. He is a good listener and was able to answer all the queries raised with practical examples. Though this is my first experience to attend the management program, its a wonderful experience for me.
 It is a very good interactive session and seems that maximum topics like Leadership, Risk management, conflict management, Agile and Scrum and other topics are covered.
Last but not least, the Interview question session was very interesting and nice.
I will recommend this course to people.

It was a wonderful, good structured virtual Program Session. The faculty has good knowledge, answered all queries well, and has great presenting skills.
I feel confident and knowledge equipped after having attended the session.