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Career Change

Whether it's exploring your current options, developing a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a change within your industry or a total career change, we can help you clarify exactly what you want and help you make the change.

Career Growth1

Career Growth

If you are Feeling Saturated in your current rolae or if you think you have hit the glass ceiling or finding it hard to differentiate yourself at workplace, we can help you find new approaches, new thought processes to create breakthroughs in your career.

Follow passion1

Follow Passion

You want to follow your heart, pursue your passion but not sure how to go about it or if you are anxious about how it will work out, then who better to talk to than the one who has been there and done that successfuly.


Careee Assessment

In case you are confused if you are in the right career, role aligned to your Strengths and interests, want to find out if there is a better career out there which can give you more happiness and success, then we can help you figure that out quickly & accurately.

What Our Students Have to Say

I had a concern in joining IBM Bangalore vs Accenture Kolkata. I am having 4.5 years of experience mainly in Active Directory and ADFS.IBM has offered me the same, however Accenture is giving an opportunity to work in Multi Cloud Security and I have very minimal experience in that. Thanks to Career Swami Expert for making my decision easy with terrific guidance. He enabled me to take a learnt decision by opening all the perspectives
Somava Majumder
Software Engineer
I have 13 years experience in IT Field .. I have experience in manual testing looking for manual testing job where can I get the opportunity . My last company which I worked is CTS AND i resigned my job Dec 2020 . The coach worked with me on a career plan and helped me to set goals for myself. I end up with a short term & long term plan which helped me to focus properly and get a job
Aravind Thalapathy
QA Automation
I was so confused on whether to go for MBA, MTECH or to join Wipro for which I had campus placement. The best part of this consultation was , I never felt anything is forced on me for which I am not convinced 100%. The way expert took me in confidence and made me to think 360 degree helped me get a holistic view and make the right call
Roop Singh
A very patient and fun-loving coach is Abhishek. His process of not directly giving directions to people but guiding them to create their own path and to make them think that what if they are the coach of their own life. His simple phrases are easy to contemplate and you can assess your daily activities so easily as in what you are doing is correct for your life, career and most importantly happiness. Thank you Abhishek for being my coach and I did get to assess some hidden insights about myself and my life.
Priyanka Kamble
Team Lead
Robin, it was really amazing to be in your coaching sessions. I was skeptical initially, but surprisingly I broke all my barriers in my first session. I felt more confidence and comfort to have somebody to share, discuss and get clarity on many aspects of leadership development. Your sessions definitely helped me both personally and professionally while I build my leadership journey. I was able to clearly understand my strengths and improvement areas, and with your guidance the strategies that will help enhance my leadership skills. I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance, and my best wishes for numerous leaders who will get benefited from your coaching in future.
Anupam Patra
Team Lead
I am very thankful to Sandeep for coaching me. Coaching has completely changed my outlook towards life. You patiently guided me after listening to all my goals and discussing in detail every goal and we shortlisted them to 3 most important Goals. You were holding me accountable for my actions which was one of the main reasons i could achieve what i am today. Your coaching is the main reason I have learned to control my anger to a great extent and be alert in everything I do to reduce my carelessness. People around me felt the change in my behavior and they started appreciating it. Thanks to you, only because of your coaching I even got a promotion in my organization. I would continue to follow the learnings and take it forward to the next level.
Shivam Sahni
Project Manager

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