CEO of BharatAgri assures support for laid-off employees

Agriculture technology solutions

BharatAgri, headquartered in Mumbai, is a leading agri-tech company revolutionizing the agriculture industry. Founded in 2017, the company aims to empower farmers with technology to increase productivity and reduce input costs. BharatAgri’s mobile application provides tailored solutions to farmers based on crop, soil, and weather conditions. The company has been successful in attracting investors and has received $21 million in funding so far.

History and Growth

BharatAgri was founded by Sai Gole and Siddharth Dialani, both engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology. The company’s journey started when they observed the struggles of farmers first-hand and decided to leverage technology to ease their woes. The first pilot launch of the mobile application proved to be a game-changer. BharatAgri witnessed a significant growth trajectory in the following years and became a preferred choice for farmers in Maharashtra.

Funding and Investors

BharatAgri has attracted investors such as Aavishkaar Capital, Omnivore, and Flourish Ventures in its journey so far. The company has raised $21 million in total funding from these investors to date. The company’s innovative solutions and potential for growth have piqued the interest of investors in the agri-tech sector.


BharatAgri has been successful in providing tailored solutions to farmers based on their region, crop, and soil type. The company has reported significant improvements in yield and reduced input costs for farmers. However, the company recently faced a significant setback with the layoff of 40 employees, which has raised concerns about the company’s performance.

Layoffs and Reasoning

The pandemic has triggered a widespread economic crisis, leading to job cuts across industries. BharatAgri recently announced layoffs of 40 employees, which account for 43% of their workforce. The reason cited by the company for the layoffs is to recalibrate their business model and align it with the changes brought about by the pandemic. The company has stated that the layoffs are a necessary step towards ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability.

Stakeholder Statements

BharatAgri stakeholders expressed their opinions regarding the layoffs. CEO and co-founder Sai Gole stated that the decision to lay off employees was not taken lightly and that the company’s first priority was their employees’ welfare. He stated that the company would extend support to laid off employees by providing recommendations and assistance in finding new job opportunities. The company’s investors expressed their confidence in the company’s leadership and stated that the layoffs were a necessary step towards ensuring the company’s long-term viability.


BharatAgri is facing a challenging time with the recent layoffs. The company’s decision to recalibrate its business model and align it with pandemic-related changes may prove to be a wise move in the long run. It remains to be seen how the company will weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side. BharatAgri’s innovative solutions, coupled with its potential for growth, continue to make the company an attractive option for investors in the agri-tech sector.

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