Glamyo Health Layoffs: Lessons for Startups in Healthcare Industr


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt industries across the globe, it comes as no surprise that many organizations are forced to make tough decisions to survive. One of the most heart-wrenching decisions a company has to make is laying off its employees. In recent news, Glamyo Health, a healthtech company headquartered in New Delhi, has announced that it has to let go of 160 employees, leaving many wondering what went wrong.

Glamyo Health is an up-and-coming company in India’s healthcare industry, offering a suite of mobile health applications focused on wellness and chronic diseases. Launched in 2015, the company aimed to democratize healthcare and wellness, making it affordable and accessible to all.


With an initial funding of $3 million from venture capitalists, the company went on to raise an additional $9 million in its Series B funding.


With an initial funding of $3 million from venture capitalists, the company went on to raise an additional $9 million in its Series B funding.


Glamyo Health quickly made a name for itself in the Indian startup scene, with many industry experts touting the company’s innovative approach to healthcare. The company’s user-friendly health apps were praised for their ability to help users monitor and manage their chronic conditions. Investors were optimistic about Glamyo Health’s profitability potential.


However, as we see in many young fast-growing companies, the high costs of expansion and marketing paired with the challenge to make a profit began to take a toll on Glamyo Health. The company’s overhead costs and increase in competition from other healthtech startups created an unsustainable environment that forced the company to restructure. On June 1st, 2023, the company laid off 160 employees, amounting to approximately 30 percent of its workforce.

Company Statement

The layoffs at Glamyo Health were a shock to many, with employees and stakeholders voicing their concerns and dissatisfaction with the company. Many were looking to the company for guidance and answers as to why this drastic measure had to be taken. The management at Glamyo Health released a statement saying that the decision was a difficult one but was necessary for the company’s long-term survival.

Industry experts believe that this is a cautionary tale of how startups must be mindful of their expenses and plan for sustainability as they grow. As startups continue to push boundaries and innovate, it is essential to keep an eye on costs and revenue generation while ensuring that the company does not lose sight of its original mission.

In conclusion

the story of Glamyo Health’s layoffs serves as a crucial reminder of the harsh realities that startups face. Despite having a solid mission, innovative technology, and investor backing, companies must always keep their spending in check and plan for the long-term. The healthcare industry will continue to see growth in the coming years, and as startups in this space navigate these uncharted waters, they must remain vigilant to stay afloat.

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