How long will the pandemic last_ 3 Scenarios Coronavirus covid

How long will the pandemic last? when will things get back to normal? Coronavirus covid19

3 Scenarios of Coronavirus covid19 when will things get back to normal

With the entire world down struggling with CoronaVirus, What lies ahead of us? In this video we are going to explore how long the pandemic will last, the possible coronavirus scenarios and the impact to the economy.
How long will the coronavirus pandemic last along with the deep economic recession it has created?
Consider three possible scenarios

First, with effective medical and economic responses, the crisis might rise explosively and then rapidly peter out. A deep recession in the first half of 2020 could be followed by a sharp V-shaped recovery.

In Scenario 2, the virus and recession will continue till September, with correspondingly higher deaths and bankruptcies. The economy will suffer long and hard despite government rescue packages. GDP growth may recover a bit but still be hobbled till end 2020.

In Scenario 3, the virus will take ages to control, and may return in a second wave even after it initially seems controlled. If so, the crisis will continue into 2021, wreaking more havoc than the 2008 Great Recession.

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