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How to be Invincible during Layoffs

Former Indian president and one of the greatest minds born, late Shri Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam once said – “Don’t love your organization, love your job. Because you don’t know when your organization will stop loving you”.


Keeping the essence of it in mind – I want you to focus for the next 60 seconds as these are the most important 40 seconds in making or breaking your professional career. So please focus –
Have you seen resources getting fired or terminated and the growing noise accumulating silently that why not him or her? They are not even good compared to the ones who are ousted.

We will tell you in this book what leads to a Layoff – Yes you read it right, you will learn

❖    Why does a particular individual get fired from an organization?
❖    What are the indicators to foresee layoffs?
❖    What are the corrective actions for identified indicators?
❖    How to prevent Layoffs – Steps with minute level details and 100% success rate to avoid being in a such situation
❖    Mental preparation, groundwork readiness, negotiation strategies so that you come out as a winner in any situation
❖    Bonus section will provide you a chance to get a FREE career consultation with the author

You will get real-life examples of how people have implemented these strategies and turn these worst conditions in their favor.

So, don’t hesitate to invest the next 90 minutes of your life to prolong and make a successful career where you are 2 steps ahead than your contemporaries.

You decided to invest in your career and are committed to making change. This book will help you irrespective of your experience level or position. 

This book is divided into eleven chapters – 

1.    Chapter 1-5: These chapters will provide you insights on different types of Layoffs, indicators that you are under the radar, and pointers on avoiding them.
2.    Chapter 6-7: These chapters will provide you details on prevention and preparation strategies
3.    Chapter 8: This chapter will make you understand execution methods under different types of Layoffs.
4.    Chapter 9: This chapter will help you with the psychic preparedness 
5.    Chapter 10: This chapter will provide the groundwork to be done during layoffs
6.    Chapter 11: This chapter will give a detailed framework on how to execute prepared strategies for different types of Layoffs

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