Inside The Org’s Layoffs: Insights and Analysis


The Org is an HR tech startup based in New Delhi, which recently made headlines when it laid off 13 employees in its New York office. As a reporting blog on layoffs in various organizations, it is essential to provide an in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the layoffs, the number of employees affected, and any statements from company stakeholders on the issue.

Company History and Overview

Founded in 2018, The Org is an HR tech startup that offers a platform for companies to manage their organizational charts, employee data, and hiring processes. The company’s goal is to provide transparency and efficiency in the organizational structure and job positions. The Org operates in a highly competitive industry, with several players vying to get a share of the HR tech market.

Funding and Investors

In October 2021, The Org secured $39 million in a series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from Founders Fund, Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, and others. The investment was expected to help the company accelerate its growth and expand its footprint in the HR tech market.

Performance and Reason for Layoffs

Despite the significant investment, The Org faced challenges with its growth plans and eventually had to lay off 13 employees in its New York office. According to reports, the layoffs were part of a broader restructuring effort to focus on the company’s core business model and streamline operations. The company’s CEO, Andreas Jarbøl, admitted that the decision was difficult, but necessary to ensure the company’s long-term success.

Number of Employees Laid Off and Statement from Company Stakeholders

The layoffs at The Org affected a small percentage of the company’s workforce, with only 13 employees laid off in the New York office. Despite the small impact, the company’s stakeholders were quick to address the issue and provide reassurance to employees and customers. In a LinkedIn post, The Org stated that the layoffs were part of a strategic decision to focus on the company’s core business and improve efficiency.


In conclusion, The Org’s recent layoffs are a reminder that even well-funded startups can face challenges and have to make difficult decisions to ensure long-term growth. As the HR tech market continues to grow, companies like The Org will have to navigate a highly competitive environment and stay focused on providing value to customers while managing costs. It is important for investors, employees, and stakeholders to understand the rationale behind layoffs and support companies that make tough decisions to stay on track.

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