Inside DealShare’s Layoffs: Reasons, Impact and Future Plans

DealShare – A Closer Look at the Layoffs

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to hear about organizations laying off employees to cut costs. Such news triggers anxiety and concern, especially among the employees that are likely to be affected. The recent news about DealShare, a Bengaluru-based retail firm, laying off 100 employees, or 6% of its staff, has shocked many.
In this report, we will take a closer look at DealShare, its performance, funding, and the reason behind the layoffs, while also including comments from key stakeholders, investors, and industry experts. Our aim is to provide a complete picture that will help readers understand the issue better and make informed decisions.


DealShare is an Indian e-commerce platform that operates in the retail industry, with a focus on providing customers with quality products at affordable prices. The firm was founded in 2018 by three individuals, Vineet Rao, Sankar Bora, and Sourjyendu Medda, who believed that online shopping could be made simple, affordable, and accessible to all. The company has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, a feat that has been attributed to its innovative business model, strategic partnerships, and exceptional customer service.

History and Operations

DealShare has been in operation for just over three years, but in that time, it has made an impressive impact in the retail industry. Its unique business model entails sourcing products directly from manufacturers and distributors, thereby eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. The firm then uses its extensive distribution network to sell products to customers across the country.
The company has leveraged technology to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. Customers can make orders via the DealShare app, available on both Android and iOS, and enjoy fast and reliable delivery. The company’s focus on providing affordable products, coupled with its exceptional customer service, has earned it a loyal customer base that is essential for its continued growth.

Investors and Funding

DealShare has attracted significant investments since its inception, enabling it to fund its operations and expand its reach. The latest funding round was in Series E, where it raised a whopping $390 million. The investment was led by Tiger Global, a leading venture capital firm with a strong track record of investing in successful start-ups.
Other investors that participated in the funding round include WestBridge Capital, Alpha Wave Incubation, and Z3Partners, among others. The funding is an indication of the investors’ confidence in DealShare’s business model and its potential for growth.

Performance and Reason for Layoffs

DealShare has been performing exceptionally well, as evidenced by its growth trajectory and numerous positive reviews from customers. However, the retail industry in India faces stiff competition, and companies must constantly innovate to remain relevant. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly affected the industry, with many firms struggling to break even.
According to sources, DealShare is also feeling the heat of the changing market conditions, leading to the recent layoffs of 100 employees. The move is believed to be a cost-cutting measure aimed at ensuring the company remains profitable while still providing quality products and services.


In conclusion, the recent layoffs at DealShare have caught many by surprise, given the firm’s impressive performance and recent funding round. However, layoffs are not uncommon in the industry, and companies must take proactive steps to remain profitable. While this move may elicit mixed reactions, it is hoped that DealShare will remain focused on its growth agenda and continue to innovate and provide affordable products and excellent customer service.

Disclaimer: This report is based on available information and findings, and we do not claim to have exclusive access to any confidential data. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy and provide a balanced view of the issue. However, our opinions are solely ours and do not necessarily reflect those of the organization or individuals we cite.

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