Inside the Bluepad Layoff: Challenges in Vernacular Content Space


Bluepad, a media company based in Bengaluru, recently made headlines for its massive layoff of all its employees. The company, which started as a seed-funded start-up, faced several challenges that culminated in its sudden shutdown.

History and Background

Founded in 2018, Bluepad aimed to become a leading vernacular content platform bridging the gap between content creators and consumers in the regional language space. The company used AI and machine learning to help users discover content in their preferred language. It was backed by a seed funding of around $1.7 million.
Bluepad raised its seed funding from a group of investors that included Blume Ventures, Emergent Ventures, and angel investors like Rajan Anandan, Rajesh Sawhney, and Sandeep Tandon. The company’s primary focus was on quality content creation in regional languages, which led to the development of a team of talented writers, editors, and content creators

Reason for Layoff

Despite the initial success, bluepad faced severe headwinds that led to its shutdown. The digitization of content and the emergence of multiple players in the vernacular content space such as Dailyhunt, All in one, Xside, and others have eaten into Blupad’s market share. These larger players offer various categories and curated content in multiple regional languages.
Moreover, while the company’s AI algorithms were able to detect user preferences and serve content, it did not have proprietary tech, unlike other players. Bluepad struggled with monetizing its content, leading to financial challenges and difficulty in raising additional funding to sustain operations.

Number of Employees Laid Off

In April 2023, Bluepad laid off all of its employees- a total of XX people. The company released a statement citing business challenges as the primary reason for the layoffs.

Comments from Company Stakeholders

Arvind Singhal, the Founder of Bluepad, released a statement stating that the decision to layoff employees was an extremely tough one, and the company tried to explore other avenues before deciding to shut down. He said, “We tried to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best of regional language content experience to our users while balancing the financial bottom line.”
While the investors were optimistic about Bluepad at the start, they released a statement stating that despite their best efforts, Bluepad couldn’t make a mark for itself in the crowded vernacular content market.


The layoff of all employees at Bluepad has sent shockwaves across the industry, indicating the challenges companies face in the digital realm. Despite AI-driven content discovery mechanisms, many media companies have been unable to monetize content and create a sustainable business model. With as many as xx employees losing their jobs, the Bluepad story reminds us that the foundation of any company’s success lies in quality content, strategic partnerships, and effective monetization models.

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