Revolutionizing online Edtech: Udaay’s rise and fall


Udaay is an Edtech startup based in Gurugram, which aimed to provide personalized online learning solutions to K-12 students in India. The company was founded in 2020 and raised $2 million in Seed funding from Info Edge, an online classifieds company in India. Udaay had a team of 100 employees working towards fulfilling its vision of revolutionizing the education sector in India.

History and Funding:

Udaay’s founding team comprised three professionals who had years of experience in the education industry. They realized that the Indian education system lacks personalized learning solutions, which can help students understand concepts easily and excel in their studies. Hence, they founded Udaay with a vision to create an adaptive learning platform that could help students learn at their own pace.

The company’s innovative approach to online education attracted the attention of Info Edge, which invested $2 million in Seed funding round. With this funding, Udaay expanded its team and worked towards developing a robust online platform that could deliver personalized learning solutions to students across India.


Udaay’s innovative approach to online education gained popularity among students and teachers. The company’s platform incorporated adaptive learning algorithms that helped students learn at their own pace and style. Udaay’s unique approach to online education helped the company gain traction in the Indian education market, with more and more students subscribing to their platform.

However, despite its initial success, Udaay faced stiff competition from established players in the Edtech industry, such as BYJU’S, Vedantu, and Unacademy. The competition in the online education market became intense, and Udaay struggled to keep up with its rivals.


On 1st June 2022, Udaay shocked the Indian Edtech industry by announcing the layoffs of all its 100 employees. The company cited intense competition and lack of funding as the reasons behind the layoffs. Udaay’s co-founders issued a statement, stating that they had tried their best to keep the company afloat, but it was no longer feasible.

The news of Udaay’s layoffs sent shockwaves across the Indian Edtech industry, highlighting the fierce competition and challenges faced by startups operating in this sector.


In conclusion, Udaay’s layoffs are a stark reminder of the challenges faced by startups operating in the Indian Edtech industry. Despite its innovative approach to online education, Udaay was unable to keep up with the intense competition and pressure from established players. The fate of Udaay serves as a warning for other Edtech startups, who must prioritize sustainable growth and innovation to succeed in this highly competitive market.

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