Vedantu Lays Off 200 Employees in Bengaluru Amidst Market Competition

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous companies across the globe have been struggling to survive. One of the toughest challenges they have been facing is keeping their employees on board. Unfortunately, in many cases, companies have been forced to lay off a significant number of workers to stay afloat. In this blog, we will be looking at one such company, Vedantu, an edtech company known for offering cutting-edge online education solutions.

Company Introduction:

Vedantu was founded in 2014 by a group of IIT alumni, Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Anand Prakash, and Saurabh Saxena, with a vision to create a scalable and affordable online teaching and learning platform for K-12 students. As of 2022, the company has a team of over 2000 employees spread across various locations in India.

History and Funding:

The company has an impressive funding history, having raised $292 million in Series E funds, which was led by Coatue with participation from WestBridge Capital, Falcon Edge, and GGV. The company has also received investment from leading venture capital firms like Accel, Omidyar Network, and Tiger Global.

Vedantu has been enjoying a steady growth trajectory over the years, thanks to its unique teaching model and advanced technology-enabled platform. The company has also won several accolades for its work, including being named the Best Education Start-Up at the Economic Times Awards in 2019.

Layoffs and Reason:

Despite Vedantu’s continued success, the company had to lay off 200 of its employees in Bengaluru in May 2022. According to the company, the layoffs were a result of restructuring and optimization measures they needed to take to streamline their operations and prepare for future growth.

The move was met with widespread criticism, as many people saw it as a desperate attempt by the company to cut costs amidst growing market competition. Several industry experts also criticized Vedantu’s decision, stating that such a move could have a negative impact on the morale of the remaining employees and hurt their brand reputation.

Statement from Company Stakeholders on Layoffs:

Vedantu’s CEO Vamsi Krishna issued a public statement regarding the layoffs, where he emphasized that the company is committed to its employees’ welfare and will continue to seek ways to create more job opportunities for people. He added that the company has been investing heavily in technology and innovation to ensure that it remains competitive in the education sector.

Krishna explained that the decision to lay off employees was a hard one, but it was necessary for the company to restructure its operations and focus on long-term growth. He also reassured the remaining employees that the company’s future looks positive and that they should not worry about their job security.


In summary, Vedantu, a leading edtech company known for its innovative online teaching solutions, had to resort to laying off 200 of its Bengaluru employees in May 2022 due to restructuring and optimization measures. While the decision was met with some criticism, the company CEO Vamsi Krishna emphasized that the move was necessary for the company’s long-term growth and sustainability. Vedantu has a bright future, and they will continue to invest in technology and innovation while creating more job opportunities.

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