Why Actw.ai’s Layoff News Shocked the Finance Industry


As companies around the world continue to struggle with the global pandemic, the phenomenon of layoffs is becoming increasingly common. One such company that has recently made headlines for its significant layoffs is Actw.ai, a well-known finance startup based in Bengaluru, India. On 8th February 2023, the company announced that it had laid off more than 60% of its employees, leaving many wondering why this happened and what it means for the company’s future.

Background of Actw.ai

Actw.ai was founded in 2017 as an innovative finance startup that aimed to leverage artificial intelligence to provide state-of-the-art financial products and services. Since its creation, the company has been on a steady growth trajectory, attracting millions of dollars in funding from investors. Its unique approach to finance has attracted many high-profile investors, including leading venture capital firms like Seed.

Funding and Investors

In terms of funding, Actw.ai secured $12 million from Seed in a recent investment round. This latest investment brought the company’s total funding to an impressive $30 million to date. With these funds, Actw.ai was able to achieve significant milestones, such as expanding its operations and increasing its customer base.

Layoffs at Actw.ai

However, in February 2023, the company made headlines after announcing that it had laid off more than 60% of its employees, leaving many wondering why this sudden move was necessary. According to the reports, the layoffs were a result of the company’s inability to generate sustainable revenue despite multiple efforts in the past.
As part of the layoff announcement, the company stated “Actw.ai has always believed in the growth and success of its employees, and the decision to lay off personnel was not an easy one. However, given the current economic climate and the company’s financial situation, we believe it is necessary to restructure our operations to better serve our customers, ensure our long-term viability and continue to innovate in our industry.”

Future of Actw.ai

As a finance startup, the pressure on Actw.ai to generate revenue and turn a profit can be immense, leading to difficult decisions like the recent layoffs. However, Actw.ai believes that these changes will enable the company to focus on its core business and achieve long-term growth. Despite the recent layoffs, Actw.ai remains committed to its vision of using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the finance industry.


Layoffs are never an easy decision, but they can be necessary for a company’s survival. The recent layoffs at Actw.ai have been a significant setback for the company, but it remains optimistic about its future. While only time will tell how this will affect the company in the long term, Actw.ai’s leaders are committed to finding new and innovative ways to provide top-tier financial solutions to their clients around the globe.

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