Why Bikayi’s Recent Fraud Allegations Led to Employee Layoffs


Bikayi, a Bengaluru-based e-commerce platform, made headlines recently for laying off several employees due to fraud allegations and seller exodus. Before delving into these recent events, let’s take a closer look at the company’s history, funding, and performance.

Company Overview

Founded in 2019, Bikayi is a platform that helps small businesses in India set up an e-commerce store. The company has rapidly grown since its inception, with over 3 lakh merchants using the platform to sell their products. Bikayi has been able to generate significant traction in the Indian e-commerce industry, valued at over $80 billion.

Funding and Investors

Bikayi raised $12 million in its Series A funding round in December 2021. Investors included Sequoia Capital, as well as a few other notable angel investors. The funding was aimed at making Bikayi a stronger player in the Indian e-commerce market and scaling its business.


Bikayi’s performance has been impressive since its launch, with the platform experiencing exponential growth in merchant sign-ups. However, Bikayi has faced challenges with trust-building within the ecosystem due to its recent alleged fraud cases and seller exodus. It is worth noting that the company has taken remedial measures to deal with the issue and has reassured its customers and investors of its commitment to integrity.

Reason for Layoffs

Bikhayi’s alleged fraud allegations and seller exodus have led to the company making the difficult decision to lay off employees. While the number of employees laid off remains undisclosed, the layoffs were slated for July 2022. The layoffs were aimed at restructuring the company’s operations to ensure it could navigate the challenges it was facing.

Statement from Company Stakeholders

While Bikayi has not released an official statement regarding the layoffs, it has reassured stakeholders of the company’s continuing growth potential. The company has reaffirmed its commitment to helping small businesses in India, and to upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust within the industry.


In conclusion, Bikayi has had an exciting journey so far, with rapid growth and significant attention from investors. However, recent fraud cases and seller exodus have led to company restructuring and layoffs. Like any growing organization, Bikayi must navigate the challenges that arise as it scales, and it’s reassuring that the company has taken remedial measures to ensure it can continue its trajectory of growth and success while upholding trust and integrity.

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