Why Did WhiteHat Jr. Layoff 300 Employees? Analysis Reveals Shocking Reasons

WhiteHat Jr., a Mumbai-based EdTech company, has recently made headlines by letting go of 300 employees. The decision came as a shock to many, given WhiteHat Jr. is a subsidiary of India’s online EdTech giant, BYJU’S. The layoffs represent a significant chunk of WhiteHat Jr.’s workforce, sparking widespread concerns. In this blog, we will discuss WhiteHat Jr.’s background, how they have been performing, and the reasons behind the recent layoffs.

Company Introduction

WhiteHat Jr. was founded in 2018 by former chess champion and entrepreneur, Karan Bajaj. The platform offers live online coding classes to children aged 6 to 18 years old. WhiteHat Jr. teaches students how to code through structured, age-appropriate programs, covering topics like game development, app development, animations, and much more. The company’s key focus is to enable children to become creators and problem solvers, leveraging technology.

WhiteHat Jr. has been a part of the BYJU’S family since August 2020, after being acquired for $300 million. Under BYJU’S stewardship, WhiteHat Jr. has grown rapidly and expanded its reach across India and beyond.

History, Funding, and Investors

In its early days, WhiteHat Jr. secured multiple rounds of seed funding before raising $10 million in Series A funding from major investors, including Nexus Venture Partners and Omidyar Network India. The company’s rapid growth and potential soon caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to the acquisition by BYJU’S. Following the acquisition, WhiteHat Jr. continued to raise significant funds, with Series B funding led by Owl Ventures and secured around $150 million in funding since its inception.

Performance and Layoffs

Despite its phenomenal growth, WhiteHat Jr. found itself in the midst of a significant controversy in 2020, when it was accused of aggressive advertising, false claims, and misleading its customers. The backlash resulted in WhiteHat Jr.’s advertisements being pulled off the air, causing significant damage to the company’s reputation.

Since then, WhiteHat Jr. has seemingly bounced back, recording a 3x increase in revenue and increasing its customer base by five times in less than a year. However, the recent layoffs have raised questions about the company’s true financial health and performance.

WhiteHat Jr.’s recent layoffs have come as a shock to many and have sparked widespread concerns among its employees and the wider industry. Following the announcement, a statement from the company said: “We are streamlining resources to focus on our core business areas and further invest in our product and technology to meet evolving customer needs. As part of this process, we have decided to restructure our teams, which has unfortunately led to some roles becoming redundant.”

The number of employees laid off represents a large proportion of WhiteHat Jr.’s workforce, raising concerns about the company’s true financial health and profitability. As per reports, the layoffs were largely in non-core functions such as sales, marketing, and operations.


In conclusion, WhiteHat Jr.’s recent layoffs come as a surprise to many, given the company’s rapid growth and expansion. The decision has raised concerns about the company’s true financial health, profitability, and ability to meet its customers’ evolving needs. However, time will tell how these recent developments will impact the company’s future standing in the competitive EdTech industry..

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